Willowbank Primary School 1959

Started design draughtsman apprenticeship at 18, 
then went to Strathclyde. 
Now a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. 
Still married after 32 years. 
Daughter & son 22 & 19. Getting 
more nostalgic as I get older.
IT systems designer 
Left school 1964 Married (35years) 1 Son 1 Daughter, 2 
Beautiful Grandaughters 1, 9years and new 9month olds. retired to look after 
both My Girls. Would like to hear any news on Christine Miller and Elizabeth 
Graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA in Accounting (year 1995). 
Employed as an In House Accountant for the past 5 years. Needless to say I was a 
mature student.

Alan Cowan
Married at 23 for 11 years 2 kids boy and girl
Programmer/Analyst/DBA most of my life
Lived in LA for 10 years and 
San Francisco area since 1993
I recognise a friend of mine, Catriona McLeod. When I left Willowbank around 1960 we went to live in East Kilbride then to Australia Mum had one week to prepare. I had left most of my childhood memorabalia. Lynda Wennstrom
Willowbank Primary School, Photo was taken April, 1959 - Class of primary 10  (approx 6-7th grade) I was just about to turn 11. So that makes this the class that "graduated" 1960? That's me front row  middle.  Just a few years ago I could tell you the first and last name of EVERYONE but I've lost some major synapses recently, it would appear.  Hope my memory doesn't keep going cos this was the happiest time of my life, for sure.

Mr Owens (his expertise  got many of us into private schools)

Diana Learmouth

George Russell Ian Dunlop Gary ? Steven McAlpine Colin Morrison Nicol Ross Donald McPherson Kenneth Campbell ? Michael  Dunlap? Teacher Miss Wood (we all loved her)
prior to that was Mrs. Nicholson
  Christine Miller (I think) Linda   Janice Bell ? Patricia Gerrie Gweneth Mathews Janice Irvine
Linda Lennox     Barbara White? Christine Dunsmuir         Annette Rogers? Catriona McLeod ?
    Maurice McCardle Naim Mogal   Alan Cowan
Glasgow St
  Vernon Nurse   Peter Hinder    
Names who's faces I'm not sure of Lynn Mansell  Katherine Johnston, Catherine MacPhee, Sheena McCulloch, Aileen Murdoch, Roderick Stewart (Rod), Kenneth Campbell, Iain Smith, Barbara White, Annette Rogers.
Sandra Collins (
did you live above the Star Dairy? If so you were in the class below us)
Liz Turner (friend of Barbara White)
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I still have a memory of Miss Wood telling us a magical story. Something about a slide and alighting in different lands. Each stop was a separate adventure. I remember playing in the park and imagining that I was in that story. I don't remember who I was playing with but it was someone from class I think (probably George). It was a vivid story that stayed with me for ages and obviously made a big enuf impression to be remembered after all these years.

There were a few FADS in our time. One was a triangle of cardboard with an embedded triangle of paper inside it. You would swing it fast thru the air the paper inside would jump out and make a cracking sound. Everyone had to have one. Maybe we can make a fortune by re-introducing this?  Then there were conker fights (chestnuts on a string). Marbles. Lucky Bags.  Mexican Beans.  The Dandy, the Beano and the Eagle(Dan Dare) comic magazines. That was the limit of my reading till I was 12. I did not get a television till I was 12. And no homework. How did we ever make it? (Poor "homework-bound" kids of today)
I had never heard of Elvis Priestly till Diana Learmouth told me how she worshiped him. (I couldn't "understand" this till much later).

The rare day when ice formed in the playground and everyone was sliding on it for as far as they could. (Till the janitor threw salt on it). The other rare day when it snowed and we had snowball fights. I remember when they painted the whole school and it was beautiful pastel colours.  Mr Ramsay had that terrible red marking on his face (poor man). The smell of Carbolic soap. Milk every morning break. Steam coming off coats in the cloakroom. "Dinner money" was  4s 7p a week, that would make it 11 pence per lunch.
Sitting in order of "smartness". How did they measure how smart we were? Must have been "stigmatic" for those at the front. Anyone "scarred" because of this?
We all chipped in and bought a broach for Mrs. Nicholson's retirement.

The boys from the whole school made up one (or 2) entire game/s of football in the playground. One game (or 2 at most) with the whole school playing. Don't ask me how we picked players for each side. I remember playing 5 times a day. Before school, after, at lunch and at the 2 breaks. Every possible moment. The girls were from Venus for all we knew what they did in THEIR playground.  GIRLS!  Email me! What DID you do?

Ian Dunlop was the best artist in the class and he made a late appearance in Glasgow University's Engineering Degree Course. I was in 2nd Year (repeating) when he started 1st year. What were you doing for those 2 interim years Ian? And what did you end up doing? Peter Hinder was at Glasgow Uni too.
I flunked out without getting my degree. I still to this day think it was something to do with playing defense in a football team and heading the ball straight after the opponent's goalkeeper had kicked it (too often). I remember I used to get headaches after every game. A bit like boxer's punch drunk?  Cos somehow I just could not study properly like I used to any more. I did not think of this causation till years after (looking back on it). I just thought I was not smart enough. Maybe so but I later went on to write / design some pretty complicated computer programs / systems so I think my brain repaired itself.

Mr Owen, headmaster, gave some of us sample question and answers to fee-paying school's entrance exams. This greatly helped us get into those schools.

I remember the girl 4th from the right - her sister was drowned (or murdered?). Hope you had a happy life despite this. Wish I could remember everyone's name.

Odean Cinema Saturday morning FLICKS for "thruppence".

I remember being the fastest runner in the class until the last year when Colin Morrison beat me, to my disbelief. I thought I was unbeatable of course.

I was madly in love with Gweneth and bought her a bar of chocolate once. Didn't make much of an impression tho. Later I had a crush on Christine Lupian from the class below us. I never told her. I dated Christine Dunsmuir a couple of times when we met at university. She had turned out to be a real cracker. But she dropped me! I should have stayed in touch with Janice Irvine, I bet she turned out to be stunning.

My best friend was Alan Blackley who left our school when he was 9. We continued to meet after school and we were like blood brothers. I feel that friendship was a foundation for the rest of my life.

Some Alumni's websites I found on a search:-

bullet http://www.friendsreunited.co.uk/FriendsReunited.asp?wci=memberlist&school_key=139560&member_year=1956
bulletPeter McNaughton http://www3.sympatico.ca/rossion/comrie/author.html
bulletKen Gray www.kengray.co.uk

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