James Graham

James Graham, father of Annie Graham
who was mother of Annie Graham Corstorphine
(who later became Annie Cowan, my mother)

I found this webpage:-
The formation of the new Cowglen Golf Club has also an Eastwood connection. A number of the members, mostly from the Thornliebank side, under the leadership of William Graham, resigned and took part in the forming of the new club of Cowglen, with the above named William Graham as their first Secretary from 1906 to 1913. [Malcolm adds on facing page: 25 years later, visiting Cowglen for a League Game, the Eastwood Match Secretary saw a large photograph of William Graham. After the supper, as was the custom, he was called on to say a few words, so, pointing to the photograph, the Cowglen members were told of the formation of their Club by former Eastwood members and William Graham. The Cowglen members were greatly interested in this information.]

Glasgow 1988/1901
William Corstorphine
William Corstorphine  with daughters
William Corstorphine as a baby
Anna Corstorphine
Catherine Darge & Bible Class
Annie Graham
Annie Graham Millport
Annie Graham Millport Cliffs
James Graham
Millport 1913 Holidaymakers
Annie & May Corstorphine
Father of Ernest Cowan
Ernest Cowan Boyscout
Willowbank Primary School 1959
Family Pics

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