Catherine Darge & Bible Class

1915 Catherine Darge Corstorphine (my grandmother and my mother's stepmother) on the right was the sweetest person I have ever known. She spoiled me rotten and was almost a 2nd mother to me. "Aunt" Ruby was her best friend and was not a blood relative. 

Writing: "Bible Class Ramble at 'Patterton' 1908"
between Whitecraigs and Neilston, Glasgow. (Read about the founding of Cowglen Golf Club by William graham)
Catherine Darge married to William Corstorphine is in there somewhere
(looks most like 2nd row 2nd from the left)

Glasgow 1988/1901
William Corstorphine
William Corstorphine  with daughters
William Corstorphine as a baby
Anna Corstorphine
Catherine Darge & Bible Class
Annie Graham
Annie Graham Millport
Annie Graham Millport Cliffs
James Graham
Millport 1913 Holidaymakers
Annie & May Corstorphine
Father of Ernest Cowan
Ernest Cowan Boyscout
Willowbank Primary School 1959
Family Pics

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